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The Midnight Sky (2020)

Drama, Sci-Fi, Fantasy | 1h 58m

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An elderly scientist is working alone at a remote Arctic research station when he learns of a mysterious global disaster. At the same time, he meets a strange girl in the Arctic, with whom he must stop the return to Earth of the crew of the spaceship "Ether".


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Drama, Sci-Fi, Fantasy

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3 Months ago

This is not a usual sci-fi film. Following an apocalyptic event (the reason for which is not told) the stories of the 2 main characters intertwine throughout. One on Earth and one on the spacecraft. Good effects with a spaceship which looks like a modeller has gone mad. Slightly anthropomorphic in design but believable. Great acting by all. I really enjoyed it. It's a subtle story that moves along slowly, building up to the finale. If you like action filled sci-fi then this is not one for you

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