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Annabelle Comes Home (2019)

Horror, Thriller, Mystery | 1h 46m

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In a hopeless effort to contain the ancient malevolent force of the evil-infused Victorian doll, Annabelle, the seasoned paranormal investigators, Ed Warren and Lorraine Warren, bring the cursed plaything to their house. Confined in the couple's off-limits room of haunted artefacts, Annabelle seems to pose no threat; however, evil never dies--and as a youthful mistake lets loose the contained unholy power--an endless night of terror ensues. Once, the very same doll craved the soul of an innocent in Annabelle: Creation (2017). Now, the parasitic entity that resides in the creepy porcelain doll thirsts for more souls to possess. Who can keep the forces of darkness at bay?

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Horror, Thriller, Mystery

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1 Year ago

Bob's got balls. Gary Doberman did amazing with another movie in The Conjuring universe. This was his directorial debut and I can tell he's headed places. There are a lot of spin-offs headed our way from this movie, but I'm okay with it. There will be some great ones. Feeley-Meeley, The Ferryman, the werewolf thing, the TV thing, The Monkey, the Egyptian thing, The Wedding Dress and so many more are just so open. While the movie is slow sometimes, the feature of Ed and Laurene Warren, even though they were just bit parts in this one, made it worth it. Also the way that the scares are set up and the effects are great. This was an all around great movie.


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