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The Curse of La Llorona (2019)

Horror, Thriller, Mystery | 1h 33m

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After investigating a puzzling case of child neglect, the troubled welfare worker and widowed mother of two, Anna Tate-Garcia, starts to see spine-chilling visions of a weeping woman: La Llorona. As Anna delves deeper and deeper into this supernatural mystery, the malevolent entity's powerful stranglehold on her children, Samantha and Chris, tightens, leaving her no other choice but to turn to the former priest, Rafael Olvera. Now, Anna and her family find themselves embroiled in a crippling centuries-old curse. Can Anna defend her children from the Curse of La Llorona?

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Horror, Thriller, Mystery

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1 Year ago

I really enjoyed this movie. I think the way to go is Dolby Digital because the immersive sound really adds to the scares and sounds of La Llarona and keeps your attention. What I love most about this movie, is that La Llarona is very visible throughout the movie. You actually see the spirit for good amounts of time and not just intended for a cheap jump scares. I also love that the mother quickly sees the spirit and right away believes in this and doesn't think her kids are just crazy and seeing things. The cinematography was beautiful as well. Now, they're are things I didn't like. Things that were just illogical and predictable. I know that little girl was way smarter than to open the door to reach for her doll while a spirit she knows wants to get her. I also didn't like how at first, when the mother saw the burns on the girls wrist, it was quickly dismissed and to really be believed as just a bad fall. Last but not least, why didn't the kids just say what they saw at first. How could anyone keep that a secret. Overall, good horror movie that exceeded my expectations, especially considering the horrible Nun movie. I'm gonna say this is 3rd best behind conjuring 1 and 2.


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